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Travel Certificates

If you're traveling with your pet, we're here to help! Please be sure to be vigilant and let us know when you are bringing your pet across state or international borders. All pets traveling by air are legally required to have a travel certificate.

Acquiring Health & Travel Certificates

Our team provides correct and up-to-date travel certificates for your travelling pet so your pet can cross borders safely and legally. Travel certificates are not just required, however. They make sure that you, your pet, and all other travelers (whether human or furry friends) are in a safe environment to travel in. That’s why in order to receive a travel certificate from TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Paw Creek, we must make sure that your pet is:

  • Healthy and emotionally stable to travel without danger or fear
  • Vaccinated under the guidelines for your travel destination
  • Free from disease

In addition to contacting us, we recommend that you reach out to your airline company and request specific information about travel certificates for pets so that you can make sure that you are satisfying all of the proper travel requirements. Additionally, please make sure that you receive a travel certificate in enough time before the date of your flight. This may vary from airline-to-airline, however, the timeframe is mostly 10 days before your flight. Therefore, make sure to schedule a travel certificate appointment with us well in advance before the date of your flight. 

In order to minimize your pet’s possible stress while flying, we strongly advise that you request that they fly with you in the airplane cabin rather than in steerage. Pets are most comfortable when flying with their caregivers and not away from them. Since many pets may not meet the size limitations to fly in the cabin and therefore must fly in steerage, make sure to properly and thoroughly hydrate your pet in their crates and avoid flying during very hot or cold temperatures.

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